Welcome to my new flower arrangements blog.

Any reason I decided to set it up? Yes!

You can put your stamp on things and make sure everyone knows that you are the real deal and that no one can tell the difference between you and a real professional.
You can start by sharing your most recent creations and how you got them all together. You can also go into a little more detail about the occasions that you use them for and what occasion you put them on. Then you can leave a comment on any articles that you read where someone is commenting on a particular creation and whether or not they liked it or not. This will help to establish your reputation as a professional and how you put together your arrangements.
Once you have established yourself as an expert in the world of flowers, you should consider setting up a flower arrangements blog. This way you can take the more personal aspects of life and get a little more off the cuff. This way you can add your spin to things and help to spread the word about your expertise. When people see your unique style of creativity and uniqueness, they will be much more likely to want to give you a try.