Box Flower Arrangements: The Ultimate Boxes for Bouquets

Box Flower Arrangements

Box flower arrangements are simply the ultimate in simplicity. A box is a container, and when it comes to bouquets, the container is the most important element. When a flower arrangement is in a gift box, it is almost like receiving a bouquet of fresh flowers; something that are a delight to receive, but that you do not have to pack or arrange yourself.

Choose Your Container

Gift-wrapped boxes have traditionally been given as gifts during weddings, anniversaries, and other special occasions. The traditional gift of a box is the most practical use of such containers. Presenting a gift of a box has the added benefit of being considered as one of the best gifts one can give. With any gift of a box of flowers, the recipient of the gift will consider it a very thoughtful gesture.

The most common container for box flower arrangements is a simple box. This means that the most obvious use of such arrangements is to send a gift of a box. While this is always the case, there are some other options for such arrangements.

When you intend to present a box flower arrangement as a gift, do not forget to include the correct amount of embellishment for the gift. Whether the gift box is empty or filled with a few flowers or a dozen, the embellishment should complement the bouquet inside. With any gift, it is important to get this aspect of the gift right.

Decorating the Box

If the bouquet is enclosed, it is sometimes possible to use some embellishments on the gift itself. A ribbon tie will keep the gift from blowing away. A real bead set is a beautiful addition to the box and will add a sense of color and elegance to the bouquet. For example, a box of long stemmed tulips that have been encased in a box with an oval border and two rhinestones in the center. An oval border is an old-fashioned detail that is a definite plus for box bouquets.

Another option for the gift box is to use a card and envelope. An envelope will provide an extra touch of elegance, and a card will be a joy to receive and hold.

Another option for the box bouquet is to make it into a collection of bouquets rather than having only one bouquet. This allows the recipient to find one or more types of flowers to match their tastes, but still have the versatility of creating a bouquet of their own.

There are many ways to use box flower arrangements as gifts. They are a great way to get something unusual, or even an antique, to a loved one that they might not have been able to afford otherwise. They can also serve as a unique, if inexpensive, present for a first anniversary or Christmas gift.


When choosing a gift box for the bouquet, remember that the size of the bouquet will affect the kinds of bouquet you create. This means that if the bouquet is small, then the bouquet will have to be larger to accommodate all of the flowers. Also, you want to make sure that the box allows the bouquet to be sealed together.

The box in which you create your box flower bouquet can be made of various materials. Many times box flower arrangements are created out of pewter or crystal, to which the flowers are placed in the box. The box can be constructed out of an inexpensive box, or it can be made out of metal.

Another option for creating a box flower bouquet is to utilize a craft box. They are used for several purposes, and often come in lovely styles and different materials.

Whatever container you use to create your box flower bouquet, you will not be disappointed with the result. Be sure to include embellishments that will coordinate with the bouquet, and a small bow to complete the effect.

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