Creating a Wildflower Bouquet For a Reception

Wildflower Bouquet

Creating a wildflower bouquet is easier than you think. Because of the many wildflowers that can be found in many different regions of the country, many different types of flowers can be mixed and matched to create a unique bouquet. When working with such a large quantity of flowers, making your wildflower bouquet can be more cost effective than purchasing expensive bouquets from a floral retailer.

What Flowers to Get

A simple wildflower bouquet can be created by using a variety of dried flowers. The two types of flowers that will work best are the wildflowers themselves and dried wildflower bouquet. Dried wildflower bouquet can be used instead of a single flower bouquet, or it can be used in place of flowers for an entire mixed bouquet.

A fresh wildflower bouquet can be created with a mixture of wildflowers as well as several dried flowers that are in season. While the flowers themselves will look different, they will still provide an attractive addition to a bouquet.

It is important to choose your flowers carefully when creating a dried wildflower bouquet. You should only purchase flowers that are in good condition and will bloom this year. If possible, avoid flowers that are new this year. If you choose flowers that are new this year, they may not bloom next year, so they can hurt your wildflower bouquet.

The leaves from the flowers will need to be removed, so they will not break and provide debris for the flowers in the middle of the bouquet to rub against. Also, the flowers should not be wet because they will rot easily. Finally, you want to ensure that the flowers will get enough sunlight to continue to thrive.

Preparing the Bouquet

Once you have chosen your flowers, you will then need to prepare the bouquet. If using a single flower bouquet, you can simply tie the dried flowers in a loop around the end of the bouquet, and the rest of the bouquet can be tied on top of the flowers. If using a mixed bouquet, there are many different ways to arrange the flowers, but for this example, we will stick with tying the flowers in a loop.

After the flowers are tied, it is important to rinse them very well. This will remove any excess water and dirt. The first thing that needs to be done is to cut the stem of the flowers off. To remove the leaves of the flowers, you will need to gently tap the flowers to loosen the leaves and make it easier to pull them off. The leaves are easy to remove, as they are easily removed with the fingertips.

remove the leaves

After the leaves are removed, you will need to separate the flowers from the stems of the flowers. Using scissors, separate the flowers from the stems of the flowers. With a large , be sure to remove the unnecessary pieces of tissue paper.

Once the flowers are separated, you will need to dry them. Because they will be open, you can use newspapers, cellophane, or a newspaper that has been lightly dampened. This is to make the flowers soft and pliable. It is important to make sure that the flowers are completely dry before you begin arranging them.

After the flowers are completely dry, it is time to put the dried flowers into a vase. To do this, you will need to place a square of wax paper on the bottom of the vase. Then place the flowers in the center of the wax paper. If you wish, you can add some decorative foam around the flowers.

Next, you will need to place a small piece of white tissue paper over the foam. The foam will help to soften the damp wax paper and prevent it from blowing away. The flowers will now need to be placed inside the foam and pressed firmly.

Finally, it is time to place the flowers in the vase. After the flowers have been pressed, you can make them as you would normally for a normal bouquet, including attaching a ribbon or something to complete the look.

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